• M16 - Eagle Nebula and The Pillars of Creations
  • M16 - Eagle Nebula and The Pillars of Creations

M16 – The Eagle Nebula and the Pillars of Creation

The Eagle Nebula is one of the classic summer observations near Sagittarius. It is located further north, in the constellation of the Serpens. M16 actually designates the open cluster in the center of the nebula which itself bears the designation IC 4703.

The central part became popular after the portrait made of it by the Hubble space telescope in 1995. It is a stars nursery, hence the somewhat high-sounding name as the Americans like Pillars of Creation

74 x 2 min
Camera : Nikon Z6 partially unfiltered
Telescope : Takahashi FSQ-106ED refractor.
Mount : Takahashi EM-200 homemade electronics.
Guiding : ZWO ASI290MM Mini on QHY OAG-M
Temperature : 13°C
Humidity : 70%
SQM : 21.6
Software : auto-guiding with PHD2, acquisition with Astro Photography Tool, processing with PixInsight.
Location : L’Epine

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